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Cass County Community Foundation
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Giving to an Existing Fund

Everyone Can Give!

Once a fund is established, everyone can participate and give!

You may give to:
  1. Your fund
  2. A fund that supports a cause you care about
  3. Make a memorial gift
  4. Honor a birthday or special milestone of someone
  5. Our community wide fund 
We will always send you an appropriate receipt for your gift to the Foundation and provide a special acknowledgement for those you honor or memorialize.

List of Funds

Community Funds for Cass County

Grusenmeyer Family Unrestricted Endowment
Kroeger Funeral Home Family Unrestricted Endowment
Logansport/Cass County Morning Kiwanis Club Endowment
Steve and Heide Sims Family Unrestricted Endowment
Jack and Linda Baker Family Unrestricted Endowment
Mike Anderson Family Unrestricted Endowment
Robert Gharis Unrestricted Endowment
CCCF Board Member Unrestricted Fund
Edwin H. Becker Family Unrestricted Endowment
Kylan Ashlan Costello Family memorial Unrestricted Endowment
Dr. George Myers Community Unrestricted Endowment
Logansport and Eel River Railroad Museum, Inc. Endowment
Cass County Heritage Unrestricted Endowment
Cass County General Unrestricted Endowment
Bill and Flo Edson Unrestricted Endowment
Salin Bank and Trust Company Unrestricted Endowment
Andrew and Amy Miller Unrestricted Endowment
Oliver and Jean Groteluschen Community Fund
The Price Family Community Fund
Steinberger Community Fund
Justin M. and Phyllis M. Druck Family Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Steve and Deanna "Berkshire" Crispen Family Fund
Community Pride Fund
Jack and Mary Regan Fine Arts Award Endowment
Steinberger Construction Charitable Endowment
Busard Family Endowment
Terry Girls Legacy Endowment
Bob and Sandy "Bradfield" Grandstaff Family Endowment
Welsh Family Endowment
The Kroeger Family Endowment
Duesterberg Memorial Family Endowment
Denham Family Endowment
Chapman Family Endowment
Security Federal Savings Bank Endowment
Platte Youth Philanthropy Endowment
Baker Family Endowment

Designated Funds

Cass County 4-H International Exchange Program Fund
Weekday Religious Education of Cass & Fulton Counties Endowment Fund
The AIM Endowment Fund
Cass County Reading Railroad Endowment
Mabel E. Patty Endowment
Tom Morris Family Endowment
Libby Hillis Tuthill Endowment
LAA Sydor Operating Expense Endowment
Michael A. Wolfe Endowment
Cass County Humane Society
Paul and Helen Young Endowment
Betty Scagnoli Memorial Woodlawn Center Endowment
LCSC Educational Enhancement Endowment
Edwin H. Becker Family Endowment for Cass County Family Y
Edwin H. Becker Family Endowment for Culver Education Foundation
Edwin H. Becker Family Endowment for First United Methodist Church
Edwin H. Becker Family Endowment for Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund
Little Turtle Waterway Plaza Maintenance Endowment
The Blank Family Endowment
United Way of Cass County Operating Endowment
First United Methodist Church Endowment
Cass County Family Y Endowment
Angelos K. Chogas Memorial Endowment
Chogas Family Memorial Flower Endowment
Four County Counseling Endowment
River of Life Christian Church in Memory of Ted Ingmire Endowment
Cass County 4-H Association Endowment
Friends of All Saints School Endowment
Cass County Solid Waste Management District Endowment
Cass County Camelot Foundation, Inc. Endowment
Deane Family Endowment
The Logansport Professional Firefighters Benefit Burn Out Endowment
Altrusa Faye Riddleberger Memorial Endowment
Logansport Rotary Club Memorial Trust Endowment
Calvary Presbyterian Church of Logansport Endowment
LAA Wilmer Flory Scholarship Endowment
Charles P. Schaefer Designated Endowment Fund
Spring Creek Cemetery Endowment
PAC Arts in Education Endowment
Logansport-Cass County Library Memorial Endowment
Memorial Hospital Foundation Endowment
Cass County Carousel Endowment
Earl C. Fernbaugh Crippled Children's Trust Endowment
Domestic Violence Task Force of Cass County, Inc. Endowment Fund
CCCF Operating Endowment
Security Federal IUK-Purdue Technology Endowment

Pass Through Funds

Broken Halos Good Samaritan Fund
Southside Gateway Pass-Through
Steinberger Construction Pass-Through
Cass County Roosters Club Pass-Through
Character Counts Pass-Through
Hoosier Soldier Support Pass-Through
Prevent Child Abuse, Cass County Pass-Through
Angelos K. Chogas Memorial Pass-Through
Four County Counseling Foundation Pass-Through
School to Work Pass-Through
Logansport Professional Firefighters Local #470 Pass-Through
Cass County Historical Society Pass-Through
Westside Flower Fund

Scholarship Endowment Funds

Cara D. Chambers-Stienbarger Memorial Scholarship 

Frank and Rhoda Cook Education Scholarship
Fred Herrick Award Scholarship
Community Foundation Ivy Tech Scholarship
Joe Patacsil Scholarship
Leo Crowe Scholarship
Joseph Conrad Scholarship Fund
John A. Marocco Memorial Scholarship
Florence R. Buchanan Scholarship
Al and Ruth Pettit Basketball Scholarship
William C. and Margie L. Grusenmeyer Family Scholarship
Charlie Hamm Golf Scholarship 
Jacob Graf Memorial Scholarship
Cass County Memorial 4-H Scholarship
The Roberts-Gaal Family Scholarship
Frederick A. Sabatini I.U. Scholarship
Al Dunn Memorial Scholarship
Tony Vesh Scholarship
Richard W. Gohl Track and Field Award Scholarship
Mark Wolfe Scholarship
Harriet L. and Glen R. Thompson Music Scholarship
Blank Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Brad Scott Memorial Scholarship
Charles W. and Phyllis J. Kingery Scholarship
Kassandra M. Todd Memorial Scholarship
Irma D. Bowyer Trust Scholarship
Lionel Billman Memorial Scholarship
Oris Shanks Scholarship
Richard W. Cassidy, Jr. Scholarship
Sue Moser Memorial Scholarship
Clifford and Esta McKee Scholarship
Lois Jean McCrea Nursing Scholarship
Tamzen K. Myers Memorial Trust Scholarship
Pioneer High School Scholarship Endowment
Max Quirk Family Scholarship in Memory of Birtie and Patricia
Lewis Cass Scholarship Endowment
Back Home Again in Indiana Scholarship
William A. Frushour and Valerie M. Frushour Scholarship
Frank E. Tolbert Prize in Public Speaking Scholarship
Morris Family LHS Scholarship
Morris Family LHS Vocational Scholarship
Theda and Kenneth Sheetz Family Scholarship
Mary E. Sanderson Scholarship Endowment
Logan City Ice/Heckard Family Scholarship
Logansport Roosters Club Shawn Hensel Memorial scholarship
Bonnie L. Heckard Memorial Scholarship
LHS Class of 1973 Scholarship
Dorothy Moore Memorial Scholarship
William Sellers Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie Kim Medical Scholarship
LaSociete 40&8 Cass-Fulton Voiture Scholarship
Richard and Eileen Copeland Scholarship
Lance and Cathy Binder Student Athlete Scholarship
Homer and Marie Baer Scholarship
Donald F. & Nancy L. Rutschmann Scholarship
Lenora Ann Ford Memorial Scholarship
Cyrus and Mary Weaver Nurses Scholarship Fund
E. James Hayes Scholarship Fund
Richard & Rose Gates Pioneer Scholarship Fund
Linda Terrel Scholarship Fund
The Forever85 Scholarship Endowment Find
Lorena Walling Scholarship Endowment Fund
Marschand Family Scholarship Fund
Brandstatter Family Scholarship Endowment Fund 

Pass Through Scholarship Funds

Gangloff Industries, Inc. Pass-Through Scholarship
Tom Helms Scholarship Fund
Andrew Vermeersch Memorial Scholarship Pass-Through
Kandy Greer Vermeersch Memorial Scholarship Pass-Through
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #71 Pass-Through Scholarship 
Callaghan Cross-Country Scholarship
Community State Bank Academic Leadership Fund
Dean Winegardner Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Kristopher Fisher Memorial Fund
Karen (Myers) Snyder Memorial Scholarship
Rethel Stevens Memorial Scholarship
Sue Moser Memorial Scholarship
The Daryl Detrich Scholarship Fund
Trooper Daniel R. Barrett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Team Hix/Joe Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lisa Vautaw Arnett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael Mordeni Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mick and Sandy Jacks Scholarship Fund
Natalie Rhodes Gerhart Scholarship Fund
Pastors United of Cass-County Churches Scholarship Fund

Forever85 Scholarship Fund
Daryl Deitrich Scholarship