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Cass County Community Foundation
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Grant FAQs

Who can apply for CCCF Grants?

Any not for profit organization that does business in Cass County may apply for a grant so long as the grant will benefit the citizens of Cass County.
a. The applying organization must have a defined purpose, leadership, and the organizational structure to carry out the proposed grant.
b. The applying organization must have an IRS 501 (c) 3 designation. The applying organization may be applying on behalf of another charitable community organization if they are partnering on the project.

What does CCCF NOT Fund?

Grants will not be made
 a. For operating money except for startups or seed money
.b. To religious organizations unless the purpose of the grant is for the general good of the community. This would include things like soup kitchens, day care, etc. that would be made available to the general public
.c. To tax supported organizations unless the request is for something that would not be funded from tax revenues. Grants will not be made to fund legally mandated items or infrastructure.