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Cass County Community Foundation
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Grants History

2015 Competitive Grant Recipients--total awarded $102,299.78

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cass County ----Computers and accessories ----------------------------------------$1,446.00       Fully Funded

Cass County Arts Alliance-----------------------Two Rivers Arts and Music Festival-----------------------------  $20,000.00 Fully Funded

Cass County Carousel --------------------------New drive unit for carousel -----------------------------------------$18,600.00       Fully Funded

Cass County Fire District One----------------- Hurst Edraulic Extrication tools -------------------------------------$22,705.00      Fully Funded

Cass County Firefighters Association --------Water, ice chests, heaters, sump pumps, discharge hoses--- -$1,056.00 Fully Funded

Cass-Pulaski Community Corrections---------Greenhouse expansion------------------------------------------------  $9,913.86      Fully Funded

Civic Players of Logansport ---------------------New microphones and transmitters---------------------------  $10,008.00 Partially Funded

Emmaus Mission Center, Inc. ------------------Steel bed frames and bed bug resistant covers-------------------  $5,500.00 Fully Funded

Friends of the Panhandle Pathway------------ Asphalt crack melter applicator,  a wheeled blower---------------  $1,200.00 Fully Funded

Junior Achievement of Cass County ----------JA Our Nation rogram for 3rd grade students-----------------------  $4,960.00 Fully Funded

Royal Center-Boone Twp. Public Library------2  Kindle Paperwhite devices, 2 Kindle Fire devices, and 2 Apple iPad devices for circulation------------------------  $1,305.92 Fully Funded

Southeastern Buddy Bags, Inc.----------------- Startup funding for students in 7th and 8th grade to receive a bag of nutritional food each weekend -----------------$5,605.00 Fully Funded

2014 Community Grant Awards   $90,484

Young America Fire Dept.- $23,000 -  safety turn-out gear for the volunteers

Logansport Children’s Choir- $10,000 – Canada Northeastern Tour         

Royal Center Volunteer Fire Dept.-$24,000- Rescue Utility Vehicle 

AIM-$8884- Project Priority I Sidewalks 

Logansport Cherub Softball League-$4000 -new scoreboard

Royal Center Volunteer Fire Dept.-$10,600- new windows Rea Park Pavilion and green space

Logansport Babe Ruth –$4,000- safety fencing

Salvation Army-$6,000 - food supplies  

2013 Community Grant Awards $90,014

Cass County 4H Association- $17,625 - for building renovations at the 4H Community Center 

Lewis Cass Band Boosters- $15,000 – for a new equipment building 

Twelve Mile Community Center- $23,319 for renovations 

Domestic Violence Taskforce-$820-laptop and software

Pulaski Health Foundation/Friends of the Panhandle Pathway--$9250 challenge match for trail equipment

Young America Lions Club/Lewis Cass FFA-$24,000 for a new greenhouse to provide educational experience and produce for local food pantries.

2012 Community Grant Awards $87,765

Junior Achievement - $4260 - personal finance program to be taught at LHS during 2012-2013 school year

The Cass County Carousel - $10,000 - for replacement of East and West garage doors 

Harrison Twp Volunteer Fire Dept - $6,000 - for thermal imaging equipment 

Special Olympics - $6,000 - for new uniforms and equipment 

Walton Lions Club/Walton Main Street - $4,000 for new roof on Lion's Den

Cardinal Services - $3855- for tablet computers, cases

Cass County 4H Llama/Alpaca Club-$3650- for new llama/alpaca barn

CLEAR - $10,000 - laptops for mobile lab for ESL classroom

Cass County 4H/Logan's Landing/Cass County Arts Alliance/Logansport Parks - $40,000 - for community portage stage

2011 Community Grant Awards $76,820

AIM Park-$26,074.96 for Phase I of the complex sidewalk project (full amount requested) 

The Cass County YMCA-$4,000.00 for Hi-Y club (full amount requested) 

Royal Center Volunteer Fire Department-$7,346.00 for emergency generator (full amount requested)

Logansport Art Association-$9,670.00 for improvements to studio and a heat pump (partial grant)

Junior Achievement-$1,500.00 for JA Our Nation Program for 5th graders (full amount requested)

Cass County Council on Aging-$12,360.00 for handicap accessible automatic door and $1,800.00 for dishwasher (full amount requested)

Mental Health Association-$5,300.00 for weed-eaters, snow thrower, refrigerator, freezer and television (partial grant)

Royal Center Lions Club-$3,500.00 for picnic tables and pain (partial grant)

Walton Library-$5,000.00 for additional computers (partial grant) 


2010 Community Grants Total $79,484

The Salvation Army-$14,250 for security & alarm system & ADA standard restrooms for new building (full amount requested) 

Galveston Fire Department-$5,000 for equipment modernization (partial grant) 

Logan?s Landing & Cass-Pulaski Community Corrections-$5,000 for greenhouse and planter projects (full amount requested) 

Lucerne Lions Club-$9,467 for basketball court (full amount requested)

LHS Music Booster-$4,450 for percussion replacement (full amount requested)

*Grissom Air Museum-$10,000 for paved trail around outdoor displays* (matching grant if the museum obtains same amount from Howard and Miami Community Foundations)

Royal Center Volunteer Fire Department-$5,000 emergency generator (partial grant)

Logansport Youth Baseball-$13,322 for safety netting (full amount requested)

Walton Main Street Organization & Friends of the Walton Library-$4,000 for equipment for Wi-Fi service at library (full amount requested)

Emmaus Mission Center, Inc.-$9,000 for complete 2009 audit (full amount requested)

*Recipient organization unable to complete original project; allocated monies were returned to CCCF for future grants

2009 Community Grants Total $54,450

Emmaus Mission Center, Inc. - $16,50 for new roof at Benevolence Center 

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Inc. - $1500 - for expansion of their Middle School 

Local Hero Mentoring Program Cass County Family YMCA - $9000 - for security system 

Cass County Humane Society - $10,000 - to be used toward the construction of a new animal shelter 

Cass County 4-H Fair Association - $7450 - for artist rendering pertaining to the renovation of the 4-H Community Center building. 

Walton Youth League - $10,000 - for ADA compliant concrete pad, bleachers and canopy at the ballpark facility.

2008 Community Grants Total $67,912.95

Cass County Family Y - $9,000 - for playground equipment (full amount requested) 

Food Finders Food Bank - $2,000 - for food delivery to Cass County (full amount requested)

Friends of Walton Library - $10,000 - for urban park project (full amount requested)

Galveston Youth League - $10,000 - for phase I ADA improvements (full amount requested)

Kiwanis Club of Logansport - $1,975 - for Book Readers & Horn Blowers performance (full amount requested)

Literacy Volunteers of Cass County - $2,400 - for computer database (full amount requested)

Logan's Landing Association - $15,815 - for greenhouse for Community Corrections (full amount requested)

Logansport Children's Choir - $10,000 - for Salzburg Choral Festival (full amount requested)

Special Olympics Cass County - $6,722.95 - for equipment & uniforms (full amount requested)

2007 Community Grants Total $61,295

AIM (Adolescent Intramural Mentoring)-$11,550.00 for restroom tank & foundation (full amount requested)

Cass County Arts Council-$10,800.00 for Med Flory Jazz Festival (full amount requested)

Cass County Veterans Council-$2,600.00 for World War II Vets database

Domestic Violence Task Force-$3,750.00 for high school programs (full amount requested)

Friends of Walton Library-$12,000.00 for computer server (full amount requested)

Girl Scouts of Tribal Trails-$5,193.00 for fitness circuit (full amount requested)

Kiwanis Club-$1,702.00 for Book Readers & Horn Blowers performance (full amount requested)

Memorial Hospital Foundation-$8,700.00 for 1000 Pedometers for "Step It Up 2007" (full amount requested)

Sangralea Valley-$5,000.00 for playground (full amount requested) 


2006 Community Grants Total $55,438.94

AIM/Columbia Elementary-$2,500.00 for "Gotta Go!" college presentation (full amount requested)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cass County-$3,000.00 for after school programs at 2 schools (full amount requested)

Cass County Emergency Medical Services-$5,000.00 two stair chairs for emergency evacuations (full amount requested)

Cass County Chapter of the American Red Cross-$5,659.00 for CPR training mannequins (full amount requested)

Cass County Historical Society/Logansport Fire Dept.-$5,000.00 for restoration of 1873 fire engine (full amount requested, Phase I)

Civic Players of Logansport-$2,189.94 for tools for designing & building sets (full amount requested)

Food Finders Food Bank-$1,000 for food delivery to Cass County (full amount requested)

Girl Scouts of Tribal Trails-$2,965.00 for "Studio of Dreams" computer lab (full amount requested)

Literacy Volunteers-$1,000.00 for Family Literacy Days (full amount requested)

Little Turtle Waterway-$5,225.00 for cleaning & repairs (full amount requested)

Logan's Landing-$2,500.00 for hanging baskets & flowerpots (full amount requested)

Logansport Art Association-$6,800.00 for Adventures in Art Youth program (full amount requested)

Logansport Children's Choir-$2,000.00 for Vermont Choir Festival (full amount requested)

Special Olympics of Cass County-$1,600 for boccie ball equipment (full amount requested)

Youth Services Alliance-$9,000 for Chief Logan bus for transporting youth (full amount requested)


2005 Community Grants TOTAL $42,524.00

AIM (Adolescent Intramural Mentoring)-$4,269.00 for ball field fence & storage barn (full amount requested)

Four County Counseling Center-$445.00for My Turn Youth Volunteerism Projects (partial grant)

Girl Scouts Tribal Trails-$7,000 for yurt (camp building) (full amount requested)

Habitat for Humanity-$2,500.00 for construction trailer (partial grant)

Kiwanis Club-$1,582.00 for Book Readers & Horn Blowers performance (matching grant 2 to 1) 

*LEDF-$10,000.00 for electronic billboard/economic development* (full amount requested)

Logansport Memorial Hospital-$3,000.00 for Latino Health Summit (partial grant)

Royal Center Volunteer Fire Department-$13,728.00 for extrication equipment (matching grant 2 to 1)

* Recipient organization unable to complete original project; allocated monies were returned to CCCF for future grants


2004 Community Grants Total $19,173.53

Cass County 4-H Association-$5000.00 for paving project (partial grant)

Character Counts-$1,500.00 for school banners only (partial grant)

Domestic Violence Task Force-$1,113.83 for digital cameras to document abuse (full amount requested)

Food Finders-$1069.20 for food delivery program (full amount requested)

Memorial Hospital Foundation-$5,000.00 for River Bluff Trail project (partial grant)

Peak (Woodlawn)-$2,790.00 for group home kitchen & dining supplies (full amount requested)

Pioneer Youth League-$2,000.00 for ball field fence (matching grant 1 to 1)

United Way -$700.00 for community (full amount requested) 


2003 Community Grants Total $11,434

Civic Players of Logansport-$1,680 for 6 microphones $1680 (full amount requested)

4-H Horse & Pony Club-$5,000.00 for arena improvements (challenge grant 2 to 3)

Kiwanis Club of Logansport-$1,254.00 for "Book Readers & Horn Blowers" program (challenge grant, 2 to 3)

Logansport Art Association-$3,500.00 for downtown mural project (full amount requested)


2002 CCCF Grant Projects Total $45,278

Woodlawn Center (PEAK) - $2,500.00 - for computers/printers

Girl Scouts of Tribal Trails (CCFY) - $2,416.00 - for Zink the Zebra Diversity Project

Carey Services Inc. - $1,000 - for handicapped lift

Cass County Arts Council - $890.00 - for marketing/brochures

Donley Chess Center (CCFY) - $672.00 - for youth chess program

Weekday Religious Education - $10,000 - for new bus

Special Olympics of Cass County (CCFY) - $6,150.00 - for athletic uniforms

Arrowhead RC&D (CCFY) - $1,350.00 - for Berry Patch project

Baptist Temple (CCFY) - $8,000.00 - for skate park enhancement

C.A.S.A. (CCFY) - $1,800.00 - for marketing/volunteers

Logan's Landing - $5,000.00 - for Light Up Logansport Parade

Cass County Historical Society - $5,500.00 - for local history book 

2001 Grants Total $50,372.00

Domestic Violence Task Force - $1,772.00 - for educational pamphlet

Iron Horse - $5,000.00 - for new marketing/parade float

Humane Society-$11,500.00 - for feasibility study

Teen Pregnancy/Aids Prevention - $2,000.00 - for website for student education

Logansport Youth Baseball - $4,000.00 - for new scoreboard at Fairview Park

Emmaus Mission - $25,000.00 - matching grant to complete electrical wiring at mission

Civic Players - $1,100.00 - matching grant to purchase new keyboard