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Cass County Community Foundation
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When the community foundation movement began in Indiana back in the early 1990's as a Lilly Endowment initiative, local leaders took a giant step and committed themselves to building assets for the future. The work was long and hard as the concept was new and sometimes difficult to explain. Those early leaders persevered and their efforts have built an organization that is now celebrating 16 years of giving back to the community.

At the Community Foundation, our giving back takes on many different shapes. We may be asked to give resources, leadership, or to be conveners or partners in projects that benefit the community. The tasks may be short in duration or at times, spread over several years. It is at times a difficult balance between the needs of today and the hopes and dreams for tomorrow. As a board, our work at times may be centered on many different ideas and topics throughout a single year. As you view this site, you will find some thoughts from our board members about the importance and impact of these ideas and topics. Thank you for continuing to support the Cass County Community Foundation.


Deanna Crispen
Deanna Crispen, President
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Susan Lupke
Susan Lupke, Finance
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Board Members

Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery, Chairman
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Lisa Swaim
Lisa Swaim, Vice Chairman
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Molly Long
Molly Long, Treasurer
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Carol Sue Hayworth
Carol Sue Hayworth, Secretary
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Lucy Burns
Lucy Burns, Past Chairman
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Elizabeth Billman
Elizabeth Billman, Board Member
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Suzanne Chilcott
Suzanne Chilcott, Board Member
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Mike Englert, Board Member
Paul Kroeger
Paul Kroeger, Board Member
Daniel Layman
Daniel Layman, Board Member
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Barrie McClain
Barrie McClain, Board Member
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Burton Reed
Burton Reed, Board Member
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Tim Rich
Tim Rich, Board Member
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Dr. Sue Ridlen
Dr. Sue Ridlen, Board Member
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Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon, Board Member
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Kory Wilson
Kory Wilson, Board Member
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